VMS Services

Accounting Services and Report Generation
Prepare monthly, quarterly, and annual financial statements and reports including investor Capital Accounts for the Fund, General Partner, and Management Company entities.  Reports include industry standard Fund performance benchmarks.

Maintain general ledgers and supporting schedules.

Capital Call/Distribution Management
Prepare and distribute Capital Call letters and track and report receipt of all Contributed Capital.

Prepare Distribution Waterfalls and distribute letters to investors.

Independent Audit Process/ Tax Reporting
Prepare materials for the annual audit of the Fund and facilitate the audit process.

Act as consultants to assist GPs in the development of valuation processes.

Coordinate with the Fund’s tax preparer and prepare required supporting documentation.

Investor Communication
Provide web-based investor reporting for all communication from the Fund to its investors.

CFO-level Services
Perform financial and administrative analysis and tasks as required.

Assist in establishing best-practice financial and administrative methodologies and processes for the Fund, GP and Management Company entities

Other Services
Act as CFO consultant during the fundraising period. Prepare other Fund financial administration processes and perform analyses as required by the General Partner.

Provide guidance on best-practices.

Management Company CFOs Services
Services include: payroll, benefits management, financial reporting, and other administrative support to the Management Company.